Construction & BIM Software

Sitting at the core of Rapid5D’s virtual construction and project delivery proposition is the Trimble Building portfolio which provides a digitally enabled, end-to-end, integrated design and construction software environment for our customers. Each software product is modular and customisable and can therefore be scaled to match the exact needs of each business or project. The core products and functionality include:

Vico Office

Integrated BIM Software Solution

Vico Office delivers a different way of working with BIM models. Used for much more than visualization, Vico Office extends the basic 3D model with constructability analysis and coordination, quantity takeoff, 4D location-based scheduling and production control, and 5D estimating.

Vico Office BIM Software


Conceptual Based Estimating

Modelogix is a cost modelling application that produces conceptual estimates based on historical data quickly and accurately. Modelogix unlocks hidden value in your historical data enabling more predictable capital and project planning.


Cloud based BIM collobration

Throughout the project, Trimble Connect provides 3D project collaboration, Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology and advanced project delivery services to owners, architects, engineers, builders, fabricators and industry professionals, allowing customers of all sizes to communicate more effectively in real-time, improve design and construction quality, and accelerate project cycle times.


Complete Construction Project Management

Prolog software is the leading construction project management solution for contractors and AEC firms, providing a complete system of record for managing project information, from the construction site to the back office. Designed by construction professionals for construction professionals, Prolog is built for project managers accountable for construction costs, scope and schedules, and for project teams responsible for the successful delivery of projects.

BIM Services

BIM Execution Plan

Rapid5D’s BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is not a set of rules to be applied. The so called one size fits all solution does not offer the flexibility demanded in today’s construction industry.

They are instead a framework upon which project specifics such as object naming, cost data structures and file exchange formats to name a few. This enables the protocols to offer an out of the box solution that can be tailored to meet each business’ or project’s requirements satisfying the Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR).

Modeling Services

Benefit from our range of modelling services that can be adapted to the project criteria. Rapid5D team of BIM specialists have an extensive knowledge of many BIM authoring tools which they can utilise in the creation of models, advising which BIM authoring tool is best to achieve the requirements of a project.

Quality Assurance Review

Rapid5D Quality Assurance Review (QAR) service examines the objects and their properties within the model(s) provided and assess these based upon a predefined criteria. This enables the model users to have confidence that what they have been provided with is suitable to use to build further data in the project BIM process..

Content Planning

To successfully implement BIM within a project/organisation, content planning is critical as it holds the key to efficiencies in integrating data.

Content planning refers to how the cost structure is presented as well as the naming conventions used within a model. A data structure is defined so that objects are systematically named so that they can also be utilised in future projects as well as the current one.


Select from our list of structured training programmes from basic overview training to advanced module specific sessions. Delivery can be conducted in various forms ranging from classroom based sessions to self-paced E-learning. Each training session can be tailored to suit the requirements of the clients, however if a specific implementation plan is required for a project or a complete roll out this can also be facilitated.

Clients & Testimonials

  • BIM Software Client, Interserve
  • O'Keefe Ground Works
  • Kieran Stapleton (Project and BIM Lead)
    "As a result, the contributions of Rapid 5D were invaluable, which ultimately lead to winning The Build New York Live 2015 Award. Simply the best overall BIM effort within the brief as voted by the judges"
  • Malcolm Clarke, Managing Director
    "The ongoing support, workshops, presentations and bespoke software training proved invaluable since we introduced Vico Office™ to our processes. Their BIM Consultants have become an integral part of our team, sharing their skills and knowledge and facilitating the introduction of next generation software that now allow us to offer a truly integrated 4D and 5D BIM solution.”