Hosted Services

Rapid 5D provides flexible deployment options for its software solutions, including the traditional On Premise, Hosted, as well as a hybrid model. Hosted software applications offer schedule, financial and security advantages. Rapid 5D’s hosting services allows you to quickly and easily deploy our software solution in a safe and proven software hosting environment to allow your organisation to start realising software benefits within a tight time schedule.

Additionally, all software updates for our hosted solutions are automatically managed by our Hosting Services team, alleviating your team of those maintenance requirements.

With any hosted application, reliability and security are vital. Our first-class Disaster Recovery Plan combines an extensive multi-tier physical and environmental backup system. Should a disaster occur, our recovery architecture will enable a full restore of data within 24 hours.
World-Class State of the Art Physical & Environmental Data-Safety Precautions

  • Redundant network, server and application architecture
  • Enterprise class secure firewall architecture
  • N+1 load balanced server farms for maximum user capacity
  • Secure and scalable infrastructure with no single point of failure
  • Redundant high-speed links to the internet via a Tier 1 bandwidth provider
  • Multi-tier backup system ensuring multiple copies of data both locally and offsite
  • Backup systems designed to restore data in case of hardware failure or accidental deletion
  • Advanced application monitoring down to the session-level, ensuring optimum performance, quick troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • High availability and redundant load balancing, firewall, and network architecture
  • Redundant data storage. Multi-node database and file clusters eliminate single points of failure
  • Proactive capacity planning strategies to ensure continuous optimum environmental performance
  • Dual-alarm fire suppression
  • Automated Logic Control System monitors water levels, temperature, humidity, load and power
  • AC and DC power battery back up
  • Security check-points with physical access limited to secure personnel only – all hardware resides in locked cages accessible only by biometric hand scanner
  • First-class data center facilities with 24×7 onsite technical staff, redundant power, diesel generator backup, and cooling