The Industry Standard for Construction Project Control and Transparency

For project teams contributing to the successful delivery of projects, Trimble Prolog provides web-based project management capabilities in the areas of collaboration, cost control, reporting, document control, field administration, purchasing, as well as integration support using a powerful web services platform.

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Bring your entire project team together in a real-time, online project management environment and increase user adoption within your organization through role-based user interfaces. Simplify the capture and management of multiple project documents with email and file capture while generating letters, contracts and other correspondence from a library of templates, all linked to the project record. Key project spreadsheets, PDFs, documents and even BIM files are stored in one central location.

Prolog allows you to create end-to-end business solutions with an extensible, interoperable Web services platform that allows diverse systems and organisations to work together.

Prolog Mobile: Bringing Prolog Project Management to the Field

Prolog Mobile brings you the power of Prolog right where construction actually happens— in the field. Natively built for mobile devices, Prolog Mobile lets you access and capture critical Prolog project information straight from your iPad or Windows Mobile device. Prolog Mobile is a field tool which empowers field staff to leverage the features of Prolog construction project management software without any special integration.

Prolog Mobile enables field staff to view current project information and to manage construction oversight activities, with or without an internet connection. Data is collected in real time from the field and synchronized with Prolog back in the office, creating a complete system of record for all project data.


  • Improve collaboration amongst the entire project team.
  • Reduce project financial risk and exposure.
  • Single system of record enabling delivery of projects on time and on budget.
  • Gain visibility into the movement of project dollars with cash flow forecasting.
  • Streamline routing and approvals with predefined or ad-hoc workflow.

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Visual Comparison

See how your cost model stacks up against past projects of similar scope. Identify cost outliers that provide opportunities for adjusting the model to fit the owner’s funding constraints.

Analyse Your Cost Model

View and compare your cost model side-by-side with the project estimates that formed the basis of the model.

Powerful Search Engine

Use selected project attributes to search all of your historical data to find the right mix of projects for  your new cost model.

“Closed Loop Integration”

The best way to leverage historical information is to create a continuous cycle or “closed loop” integration. To begin the cycle, a feasibility budget is developed that is based on actual cost information from past projects. The conceptual estimate is then moved to the cost estimating solution to prepare the detailed estimate based on owner specifications. The detailed estimate forms the basis for your budgets in your project management solution, and this data exchange is automated with Prolog. When the project closes, the actual cost data flows back into Modelogix for use on future projects