Keeping Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Consultants and Owners on the Same Page is Vital

Bringing together a portfolio of synergistic hardware, software and service offerings, our Rapid5D team can provide highly specialised tools optimised to work together.

Rapid5D’s integrated solutions include on premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings to help plan, manage, analyse and optimise DBO processes and assets more efficiently and cost effectively while making workforces more productive.


In the design phase, Trimble software such as SketchUp Pro, Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer and Vico Office help architects, engineers, contractors and owners work together to optimise the design-build process, by unifying project knowledge with flexible, constructible models that endure across a project’s lifecycle and teams—and enabling designers to easily and quickly adapt design choices and make informed decisions in a dynamic project environment.


During the build phase—when contractors and construction managers often struggle to keep architects, engineers, trades, and owners on the same page—our portfolio helps ensure a timely, transparent workflow across all domains and disciplines.

Trimble solutions such as Connect, Vico Office and Prolog empower users with effective project and cost management capabilities that maximise productivity and efficiency, while reducing risk and budget uncertainty. In addition, a host of Trimble’s hardware products, such as laser scanners and construction layout systems, ensure efficiency and accuracy in the field.


Owners, occupiers and investors must continue to maximise efficiencies during the Operate phase when the building is handed over to the property and facility management team. This is where Trimble solutions allow for lease, accounting, project and space management as well as operations and maintenance. Following construction, asset management represents the greatest cost during the life of a building. Trimble technologies enable corporate asset management and facilities executives, property managers and workplace professionals to track the performance of their infrastructure, facilities and entire asset portfolios with Trimble’s applications, strategists can make more effective decisions to optimise their portfolio.


Throughout the project, Trimble Connect provides 3D project collaboration, Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology and advanced project delivery services to owners, architects, engineers, builders, fabricators and industry professionals, allowing customers of all sizes to communicate more effectively in real-time, improve design and construction quality, and accelerate project cycle times.

Trimble Connect supports the deployment and compliance of PAS1192 and COBie reporting within a collaborative 3D Project environment.   With its easy to use, and rapid deployment which can be configured to meet the employers/project requirements.  Trimble Connect incorporates, 3D/2D Document management and change control, issue management, Clash detection and team collaboration whether over the internet, mobile device or PC with automatic synchronisation options.


Modelogix is a cost modelling application that produces conceptual estimates based on historical data quickly and accurately. Modelogix unlocks hidden value in your historical data enabling more predictable capital and project planning.

One of the first systems to truly leverage a company’s project-cost history, Trimble’s Modelogix cost-modeling tool ties seamlessly to data from any leading cost-tracking solution—including MS Excel, WinEst and many others. Data is stored and managed in a user-defined cost structure and readily accessible, as needed, throughout your company.

Vico Office

Trimble Vico Office delivers a different way of working with BIM models. Used for much more than visualisation, Vico Office extends the basic 3D model with constructability analysis and coordination, quantity takeoff, 4D location-based scheduling and production control, and 5D estimating.


Trimble Prolog gives you the flexibility to access construction project data from cost management, document management, health and safety, site management, daily diary’s, inspections, snagging management and control with a variety of interfaces and devices, so that your project teams get critical information when and where they need it. Our Desktop, Web and Mobile solutions allow contrac­tors and their teams to work online or offline, in the office or out in the field. With Prolog, you can work from anywhere, anytime.