About Rapid 5D

Rapid5D has a complete understanding and in-depth knowledge of the integrated VDC process required to successfully deliver BIM-led construction projects. We have invested considerable time and resources into the research and development of an integrated, process driven approach to project delivery, which has been successfully tried and tested across multiple sectors and projects. This fully deployable process represents a small portion of the capabilities of Rapid5D and is greatly appreciated by our clients as they get to grips with and use BIM on a grand scale within the limited time frames set for the UK construction industry.

Rapid5D works closely with clients to understand their project needs, requirements and priorities, however complex, and to produce a VDC process to ensure that project objectives are met by becoming an integrated part of the project delivery team.

For each project, Rapid5D establishes a dedicated team (not just an account manager) that works directly on projects and, where necessary, works alongside or as an integral member of the client’s team.

Rapid5D offers a range of BIM modelling services, from simple 2D verification and 2D to 3D conversion to creating detailed designs in BIM from concept sketches. We perform 3D Quality Audits and Quality Assessments.

Our Virtual Design Construct (VDC) Consultants develop, implement and administer BIM Execution Plans, BIM Management Plans and assist clients in defining and enforcing their Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR).

Our experienced consulting team establish clearly defined processes and best practices in order to implement both digital solutions to support BIM effectively. As VDC represents a paradigm shift in the way clients and professionals conduct their business, we offer specialist support for implementing new ways of working.

The combination of time and geometry creates a fourth construction dimension. Our consulting team perform 4D schedule simulations to simulate real-time construction sequences to better understand and identify potential project risks so they can be addressed well before construction starts.

With a fifth construction dimension of cost, our 5D BIM capabilities allow clients to see what happens to the budget when a change is made on the project, providing cost-loaded schedules and iterative (evolving) estimates which can be quickly compared to the target cost.